South America bound with radio in hand

11 Apr

Well in mid next week I will be traveling down to South America Peru for vacation and I hoping to make some QSO’s while I am there. I will be carrying my FT-857 (100 watts), BuddiePole Rigid Shock corded antenna, BuddiePole SWR analyzer and 9 Ah AGM battery. Yes that’s right folks TSA is gonna love me. While I am there I will be trying to do a SOTA at Machu Picchu (info) which is a little under 8,000 feet.

At this time, I think I will will be leveraging 10M, 12M (maybe 15M & 17M) and 20M bands while I am there. Ideally hopefully someone can spot me.

Current estimate for when I will try my first SOTA in South America should be around April 22nd, 2014 APPROXIMATELY 9am Pacific time.

Then after that I will be attempting another SOTA from roughly 13,500 feet in a smaller town. Date and time TBD




— [UPDATE] —


WOW what fun to be able to use alternative bands that I am not allowed to within the US. Specifically, while I am still a Technician class operator within the US under IARP I was able to use 30 meters and higher. As a result on 15m and 12m I was able to make contacts to Greece, Croatia, Argentina and Chile all by using a my Buddipole vertical rigid shock corded whip, mini coil, VersaTee, VersaTee mount which I screwed into a Dolica mono camera stand for a mast.



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