Delays and more delays…

22 Sep

You know the more delays I encounter just allow me more time to think of how much I have spent on this project.

Let’s run down the list of what I will be using actually. This doesn’t include tests and blown parts:

1500 gram ballon $160 x 2
MT-AIO HB $400
Mt-fox 15 $80
Mt-rTG 50 $210
Raspberry PI and misc parts $150
Beofang HT’s $40 x2
Wouxun HT $110
Radar reflector $50
Dacron cord $40
Payload capsule $50
Plexi glass $25
Parachute $60 x 2
Helium (if purchased) $212
Cross band thing $100
Misc stuff $350
Lithium batteries $40
Tools $200

Total time 1.5 months of effort

Ugh I gotta launch this thing otherwise this is a lot of cash thrown out the window.


One Response to “Delays and more delays…”

  1. Chris KJ6VPY November 7, 2013 at 1:27 am #

    Did you ever launch or are you still in a holding pattern. Let me know if you need photography support.

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