We have a GO from the FAA

21 Sep

UPDATE: 3:45PM 21 Sept 2013:

We are at a NO GO

All my apologies for yet another cancellation. However I need to be at 90% certain that my weather ballon experiment will not harm anyone when it is in flight and or coming on down. As seen in the images below:

a.) The ballon on the current prediction path for tomorrow is going completely the wrong way. As a result, this ballon will most likely land within a residency area which is to much of a risk.

b.) I currently have approval to go into Restricted airspace 2515.  By seeing this flight prediction below puts me outside of my sanctioned flight area.


hibal_09222013 hibal_ppath_airspace


UPDATE: Sept 21st 9:38am NOTM Notice to Airmen via Prescott Center has now been filed for civilian aircraft within the area.

PROBLEMS: Currently the ballon is now projected to land within San Bernardino… aka it is going the wrong way. If the forecast holds tomorrow my second attempt will be scrubbed. However at this moment if I were to launch today the landing airspace is 100% correct… aka mother nature is doing what she normally does in that area.

Thats right folks…. we are a go for September 22nd, 2013 at 09:00 (local time)

So EXCITING my first HIBAL. Please stay tuned a lot of information to follow.

However, I just want to say thanks to ‘Edwards’ for releasing the airspace under 6K.


One Response to “We have a GO from the FAA”

  1. Al September 21, 2013 at 4:19 pm #

    Right on! Good luck!

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