FAA Calls and Payload

7 Aug


It really feels like I am so close to getting ready to launch this thing that I can not wait!!

The photo above is what my Payload case looks like … no paint no nothing really. The only items of interest are:

  • I cut a slot for a plexy glass window which will be used for the Raspberry PI camera
  • I have the radio mast cut through the casing waiting to accept a dipole antenna
  • I have also noted that I need to redo how everything sits.  Specifically, I need to move things to one side vs all over the place.  I need to mount the RPI camera to one of the case sides of the project case.
  • Lastly I need to paint this ting bright orange. 

Lastly, I have reached out to the FAA and they seem to be very helpful and sound like they encourage this type of stuff… indirectly. 


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