No I have not forgotten about this

2 Aug

Hello everyone –

Well KK6AKN here has been a little busy at work and flying to my latest Spartan race in Illinois a couple weeks back. At any rate I thought to share my progress of what I call “HAB Sys” (High Altitude Ballon System) version 1.0.


So what is working:

1. Parrallax 16×2 LCD with backlight display (Can send text & turn light and off)

2. Gather of GPS data and logging into a flat file (comma delineated)

3. DS18B20 Internal and external temperature sensors

4. VOX out to Wouxun KG-UV3D

5. Dipole antenna with SMA connector

6. Raspberry PI Camera

7 Conversion of JPG to SSTV converter

8. SSTV Converter application

9. 3 LED’s that signify GPS reading (left) Transmitting (Center) Temperature reading (right)

So in short this things is going. I guess this weekend I will hike to the top of one of the local mountain tops and see if any the members for the PAPA System can help test this new DIY project.

BTW Next up on the software side is to transmit APRS via the Raspberry PI shouldn’t be to hard. Also I still want to add a barometric sensor onboard.

UPDATE 8/11/2013

I have totally redone the outside case. I realized that if I have LED’s blinking inflight it may cast a reflection on the Plexiglas. As a result, I have placed them well away from the Raspberry PI camera



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