SSTV and its a Go for Transmition

7 Jul

2013-07-07 060616 {} {None}

OK well I guess I was getting a little impatient and instead opted to visit HRO in Burbank to get some advice and get an HT.  While I wasn’t planning on getting an HT I opted to purchase a Wouxun KG-UV3D along with an external mic / speaker.

I feel sorta bad for the external mic it survived about 4 hours before I started to taking it apart. While its original plan of existence was changed. I have to now say I do have a voice activated transmission (VOX) happening now. While it is still not perfect it beats having to buy more gear and most importantly I have my Raspberry PI broadcasting over HAM RADIO waves. 

Overall I have to say the cheapest thing in this project so far is the Raspberry PI everything else costs so much more. 

Oh BTW the image was my first Radio to PC microphone…. next step is to get my FT-817 and Signal link and go from Raspberry PI+radio to Radio+MAC. Lastly I have also made a battery based power pack for the RPi. While it si giving out 12 volt at the moment I know I have to step it down.


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