SSTV, High Altitude Ballon’s and Raspberry PI

3 Jul


So begins my effort to getting my RPI to work with SSTV. The image above was a proof of concept to see if I could get my Raspberry PI to transmit a SSTV still image using the martin 1 protocol. Since you are seeing the image it was a success. The next few steps in the project is to mount a weather station board onto the RPI via its interface and most likely use a Baofeng hand held to transmit the images. Currently my main concern is only having 5 watts of power on the hand held. I wish I could have 10 watts. 

Also more importantly credit goes to ZS1JPM a ham from South Africa who developed the SSTV conversion program. 

Ideas that I will be toying with are:

  • Having dual RPI’s connected via a cross connect. One takes images and jpg to wav and the other creates wav files for inflight status which are transmitted
  • Asterisks PBX on one of the RPI’s 
  • Integrated GPS receiver so that the RPI’s can read the exact location of ballon. 

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