Got a new toy FT-950….

17 Mar

So I have a new toy and as you can see on my posts I am just getting into SSB while keeping active on PSK31. While I am extremely like my FT-817 and its amp etc etc… I thought to get a better radio as a base station. As a result, I opted for the FT-950. While I am still learning the ropes of my new radio all I gotta say is wow!

However sadly this weekend on QRZ the solar forecast is at “poor” on all bands. I think I picked the wrong weekend to try buy and setup my new radio. After a few hours of getting it in place. I gotta be honest I was scratching my head wondering why am I not hearing anything really on any band? Did I bust my feed line? Did simply miss some setup option. After all was said and done (a day later) I finally put two and two together… today is simply not a good day for propagation. 

However this did teach me a interesting thing. Simply said if the conditions are not right, it doesn’t matter if you have 5 watts or 100 watts. Today the conditions are not right and I am not getting anything. 


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