Learning the basics

17 Dec


So I am just a guy who just past a test.

Ironically I find it funny because at work I never give much attention to certifications. Finally I have a perfect example and its me! For the past month and a half that I have had my amateur radio license I have to say I have learned a lot. I guess you can say more of the hands on learning.

For example, while I only have one radio (Yeasu VX-8DR) I have now learned how to make:

  • Roll Up J-Pole
  • Copper Cactus J-Pole
  • Swap out the stock rubber duck antenna
  • Mount an external tri-band antenna onto my car
  • Learn that mag-mount antenna are really not that hot.
  • Bought some tools that I never had / needed until now
  • Learned how to not solder well.
  • Learned and actually sweated copper pipes
  • Learned what a Fan Dipole is

So as you can see I have learned a few things. A lot of these things were not on the test. Don’t get me wrong I am happy I can talk and play on the radio. But man-0-man, I feel like I am back in school. However, this time the rate of learning and hands on practice is fully up to me.

Sadly enough, I feel like the new kid at school. That’s right, no one wants to talk to me.

CQ… CQ… CQ… this is KK6AKN <cricket chirping sounds>


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